For those dreaming of a holiday in Europe, Italy certainly needs no introduction . The culture, the architecture, the cuisine and the people are positively intoxicating. A large part of what I do is to travel and research everything in person before you get here, pairing the perfect accommodation, local guide, excursion and activities like a fine wine. This is what makes your trip with Ciao Bella Tours so special. I'm able to create a truly unique Italian itinerary that promises a personal experience you won't find anywhere else.

The Usual Suspects
Venice, Florence & Rome
Amalfi Coast,
Naples, Ischia
& Sorrento

No trip to Italy would be complete without seeing three of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe: Venice, Florence and Rome. Typically on the list of first time Italy travelers, we're able to create a classic tour that highlights those “must see sites” but also incorporates something very personal along the way. You'll feel like you have a friend in every city you go, eager to show you those hidden corners you wouldn't find on your own, even in the most popular of places.

Liguria & Cinque Terre

Sometimes called the Italian Riviera, this region features rolling hills and dramatic coastlines, stretching from the Capital of Genova and the Gulf of Poets, past the famous Liguria beaches and resorts of Santa Margherita and Portofino, down through the Silent Bay, Portovenere and the ever popular Cinque Terre villages.


Secrets of Sicily

A bit of chaos, a splash of sophistication and a captivating history...Sicily truly has it all. From the utterly fascinating city of Palermo to the salt flats and roaming wild sheep of the West, to the Baroque decadence of Ragusa, Modica & Noto, to the Valley of the Temples and the mosaics of Piazza Armerina, past the stunning coastline of Taormina, the active volcanoes of Stromboli on the Aeolian Islands and the ever prominent Etna looming in the sky, Sicily is a land barely touched by mass tourism & ready to discover!

Lakes & Towns of
Northern Italy

There is nothing quite like jetting around the lakes of Lake Como, Lake Garda & Lake Iseo in your own private boat at sunset. Or hiking through the vineyards of the Franciacorta Sparkling wine region or a day trip to the heart of the Veneto to discover the markets and churches of Padova or private tastings at nearby wine regions of Valpolicella and Valdobbiadene or the Roman amphitheater of Verona, the Paladian Villas of Vicenza, the fashion power house of Milan and my personal favorite, discovering one of the Culinary Capitals of Italy through wine tasting, biking, hiking ,cooking and exploring, the region of Piemonte. Northern Italy is an incredible place to visit, you can come back again and again and still find something new to discover with a well planned trip and local insight!

An indescribable world of dazzling seaside villages and sweet scented lemon trees is waiting for you along the winding roads of Amalfi. Every town along this coastline such as Positano, Ravello, Praiano, Minori, Amalfi and the island of Capri each have its own charms to be discovered and appreciated.

Tuscany & Umbria

I like to think of Tuscany and Umbria as long lost cousins. There is an obvious tie between the two but they are also extremely different from one another but in a very good way. Both regions offer an abundance of excursions for the budding art, history, food and wine lover in each of us. The perfect place to explore magical hilltop villages with sweeping views over the valleys in towns such as San Gimignano, Spello, Lucca, Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino, Assisi, Orvieto, Perugia, Spoleto. You can spend a lifetime searching for the perfect moment here, there are just so many to be found.

The Promise of Puglia

One of my favorite places on earth, Puglia is a an enchanting part of Italy and a region you can come back to time and time again. Where else on earth can you find the unique Trullo houses of Alberobello, or the stunning beaches of Salento, the lovingly restored Masseria farm houses, the White City of Ostuni, the Baroque capital of Lecce, the seaside village of Gallipoli, the historical caves of Matera or the vineyards and olive oil trees as far as the eye can see? Puglia's cuisine is amongst the best in the country, simple food, local ingredients, just like Grandma used to make. Puglia offers those with a true passion of Italy the unique opportunity to really feel the soul of this wonderful country.


Another foodie destination that will leave you wanting more! Cities like Bologna, Modena, Parma all offer some of the best cuisine in the country and Ciao Bella Tours can offer private tours & tastings of Parmesan cheese factories, Parma Ham Prosciutto producers, 25 year aged traditional Balsamic Vinegar. With nearby UNESCO heritage cities such as Ravenna which houses some fo the worlds most impressive mosaics and Ferrara along with the Lamborghini Museum... there's something for everyone in Emilia-Romagna!