There's something really special about Croatia. Maybe it's the friendliness of the people, the stunning beaches, the crystal clear waters, the fresh seafood or the way light sets on Diocletian's Palace,  Whatever it is, it's impossible not to fall in love with this place! Discover the country's most charismatic guides, new gastronomic delights and electrifying excursions for every type of traveler. 

The Usual Suspects:
Venice, Florence & Rome
Dubrovnik, Split,
Zagreb and Zadar

To walk the fortified walls of Dubrovnik with the sea crashing the rocks below is something out of a movie. Those searching for a bit of Hollywood won't have to look far to find recognizable locations from the beloved Game of Thrones. But there's so much more to this tiny town than the big screen. Beautiful views, amazing restaurants &, nightlife, this place is a wandering maze of intrigue, especially with the cruisers head home and you have the cobbled streets to yourself. To be honest, the town of Split has stolen my heart though. Events spent dancing in the piazza listening to live music, tipping back a glass of local Croatian Zinfandel "Crljenak" and enjoying some fresh fish macaroni pasta brought in from the boats just that morning. Real people still live in Split so it's not just for tourists. You'll find smiling ladies in the markets getting their daily produce and groups of friends out on weekends enjoying the town. This is the heart of the country here in Split.

Plitvice Lakes
Krka Falls National Park

The National Parks here in Croatia are stunning, so much so that you can come back at any season and fine an entirely new terrain to explore. Plitvice Lakes is certainly no exception. Jaw-droppingly beautiful waterfalls at every turn, lakes, hikes, beautiful bright blue fish swimming between the pools and grass, this place is like a tropical adventure waiting to be discovered. The colors are fascinating here, in Spring, Summer and Fall, when the leaves are red and orange and the lakes covered in mysterious mist, the waterfalls pounding over the rocks. Krka is another park to be discovered, so bring your picnic lunch, a bathing suit and hiking shoes and get ready to explore! 

"Tuscany of Croatia"

Istria is one of the most fascinating regions of Croatia. Often called the Tuscany of Croatia, this region is perfect for anyone looking for a mix of beautiful hilltop villages to explore, incredible locally produced and award winning wine, world famous olive oil farms, exceptional cuisine, Roman ruins & colosseum, stunning  beaches and the opportunity for those intersting in active holidays such as hiking & biking.... Istria has it all and then some! 

Islands of Hvar, Brac,
Korcula, Vis,
Mljet & Pelješac

Island hopping in Croatia couldn't be a easier! You're certain to find an island atmosphere that fits your personality: Looking to party? Head to Hvar. Looking for a family friendly, local vibe with great wine tasting & bike excursions? Korcula is the place for you. Need to get away from it all and head back in time? Vis is where you belong. Only have a day to explore? Brac is just 30 min from the town of Split. All though offer amazing views, beautiful green & blue waters as far as the eye can see, friendly locals and as always, the best local seafood dishes around.

Gastronomic Tours
Wine Tasting
Cooking Classes

You might have noticed, I talk a lot about food and wine when I travel. In fact, many of the trips I coordinate have a Gastronomical focus and Croatia is no exception! The food here is sensational, so why not learn the tricks of the trade to bring home with you? We offer hands on cooking classes in various  locations around the country. And a trip to Croatia would not be complete without some local wine tasting, both on the mainland and the Islands. I was just blown away at the quality of the wines, lovingly prepared by 3rd and 4th generation families. If you are a wine lover or someone looking to explore a bit of Croatian culture, a private wine tasting with us cannot be missed!

Kayaking, Biking & Hiking
in Croatia

Croatia is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, with plenty of places to experience and explore nature by land or by sea. Some popular activities include kayaking, biking, hiking, sailing, yoga and more. While CBT offers only day trips and activities, I'm happy to refer you to our trusted parters that offer multi-day trips, both self guided and private guided.