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My name is Nichole Buscher, your personal travel planner and founder of Ciao Bella Tours. I have dedicated the last 18 years of my life to exploring my first love, Europe. I've been so fortunate to have lived in France, Italy, England, Scotland, Spain and my latest adventure, Portugal. I've created a company that prides itself on personalized service, with an extraordinary group of local guides, hotel and B&B owners, chefs, chauffeurs, sommeliers, cheesemongers, wine & olive oil producers, professional travel colleagues and more, who together, create the Ciao Bella Tours team. Being in Europe nearly full time  allows me to take the hard route so you don't have to. Let's just say I've worked out all the "kinks" of European travel! It lets me create an itinerary specific to your interests that feels effortless and moves at your own pace & travel style.  I have the opportunity to personally meet the people you'll come to know as friends during your stay and we all strive to make sure your trip is truly spectacular! 


I manage all the aspects of your tour to ensure the quality of each and every service Ciao Bella offers. My trips are an ideal way to experience the highlights of Europe without being restricted by large tour groups or the clichés that often plague tourists. Not only is your customized trip meticulously planned with the highest of standards in mind, but also all of the preparations are made by someone with first-hand experience. 


For more information on our personalized consulting services in Europe

Nichole Buscher 

US Voicemail:  (978) 612-6678


So you're probably thinking,

"Has Nichole REALLY  been to these places?"

Here are some of my favorite photos

from my own travels!

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